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Reverse Phone Lookup

Have you ever received a phone call from an unknown source?

Phone scams are as big a problem as ever. With spoofing technology and robocalling on the rise, these scams have only become increasingly more sophisticated and harder to catch.

Some of the most popular phone scams include the following narrative:

0% interest rates for consumer credit cards

Forgiven or lower student loan debt

Threats from the IRS to pay supposed debts

Bail money for a family member

An expired car warranty

And more

While phone and online scams are becoming increasingly more frequent as the tech industry grows, these types of fraudulent calls and false claims have been around since the landline. But, as technology continues to improve, so does the caller’s ability to trick you.

Luckily there’s a way to identify the unknown caller – a reverse phone lookup.

What’s a Reverse Phone Lookup?

A reverse phone lookup, also called a reverse phone number lookup, can help you match a name to the number based on information that’s been made public on the internet. Essentially, it’s a phone number search, helping you reveal the source and owner of the number. The source could be an individual or a company.

How to Get Reverse Phone Lookup

If you want to do reverse phone lookup for a suspected scam or basic unknown caller, many reverse phone number lookup services allow you to do just that. Such a service allows its users to enter the phone number into their search engine and the site will then access a large database of public records and other resources to gain more information linked to the number.

In addition to the phone search features, many of these sites offer reverse email lookups and background checks.

What Can a Reverse Phone Lookup Be Used for?

When it comes to reverse phone lookup services and background check sites more broadly, the information revealed can only be used for certain purposes. Both the platform and its users must follow a strict set of guidelines outlined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The rules state that any details learned on the searched individual or entity can only be used for personal reasons. Because a reverse phone lookup service is not an official consumer credit bureau, any information revealed cannot be used for employment, housing, or insurance purposes.

Still, many of these services can be quite beneficial when looking to identify an unknown caller, learn more about a certain individual, expose a potential scammer, etc.

So, let’s get into it. Here are some of the best reverse phone lookup sites to identify an unknown caller.

Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

1. Instant Checkmate

2. Intelius

3. Truthfinder

4. PublicSeek

5. CocoFinder

6. Spy Dialer

7. InfoTracer

8. BeenVerified

1. Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate has an intricate reverse directory and database, providing users with a comprehensive search to find the phone number in question. Once you find out who owns the phone number, you can choose to extend the search to a background check and find out more about the person’s criminal background, social media, and more.

Instant Checkmate Phone Lookup Reports Include:

Identity of the caller

The carrier name

Latitude and longitude coordinates

Other demographic data

Key Features and Benefits

• Confidentiality

All of the reverse phone lookups and background checks done on the Instant Checkmate website are 100% confidential. The people you search for will not be notified or informed in any way.

• Unlimited Searches

With an Instant Checkmate subscription, you can use the reverse directory and search for as many numbers as you want. This is also applicable to their background check service. You will have an unlimited number of searches on specific names or phone numbers with a membership.

Areas to Improve

• Added Fees

There are unclear fees baked into many of the payment plans. For example, if you have a plan that only includes reverse phone lookups, extending that search to include a background will require an additional fee.

• Waiting Times

The loading times for searches run slower than some of the other phone number lookup services. Additionally, customer service is often slow to respond to a question or concern.

2. Intelius

The reverse phone lookup service on the Intelius site can give you further details on the person or business associated with the unknown number. Their comprehensive data engine will conduct a secure search and produce a confidential report.

Intelius Phone Lookup Reports Include:

The owner’s name

Address history


Possible relatives

Phone type and carrier

The location associated with the number

Key Features and Benefits

• Extensive Search

This service can do a reverse lookup on cell phone numbers, landlines, and business numbers. From there, the Intelius database will provide any public data available that is connected to the unfamiliar number.

• A-Rating

Intelius has an A-rating from the better business bureau. The site is safe to use, providing secure searches and quick results.

• Quality Customer Service Team

The Intelius customer service team is very helpful. And they have the reviews to prove it. Whether you have a simple question or are concerned about a larger issue, they will work with you to resolve it quickly. You can reach the support team by either phone or email.

Areas to Improve

• Unclear Pricing

The prices are not readily accessible on the website. You have to navigate through the site to find them. Even if you get to the right spot, there is no clear answer on their subscription costs.

• Misleading Advertising

There are several flashy advertisements throughout the Intelius platform. Many of which are quite misleading, claiming revealing criminal information on the searched individual. Though, for the most part, the person winds up having no criminal record.

3. Truthfinder

Truthfinder is an efficient and effective way to perform a reverse phone lookup. Its internal search engine allows you to look someone up by their name, phone number, or email address. Then, using pre-existing public records, they make a match.

Truthfinder Phone Lookup Reports Include:

Full Name


Social media

Email address


Job history

Key Features and Benefits

• Extensive Reports

The Truthfinder reverse phone report provides users with a plethora of extensive information. The site will sort through online search engines, social networking data, and the web more broadly, to gather clues surrounding the mystery caller. Essentially, if the number is somewhere on the web, this service will find it.

• Deep Web Search

Truthfinder searches through public data, as well as deep web data. Some information isn’t readily available on a standard search engine, like Google, so they take it a step further to include information stored on the deep web.

Areas to Improve

• No Free Reverse Phone Lookup Option

There are completely free reverse phone lookup services out there. A simple Google search is one of them. While that information can be slightly limiting, Truthfinder does charge a hefty fee for something that may also be found on Google.

4. PublicSeek

PublicSeek is one of the best reverse phone lookup platforms. Their search engine can help you identify a scam caller, unmask an unknown caller, verify the identity of a catfish, and more. The site can also be used as a background check tool.

PublicSeek Phone Lookup Reports Include:

Name of the caller

Address history

Social media accounts

Other contact information associated with the number

Key Features and Benefits

• Updated Data

PublicSeek updates its records every 24 hours, ensuring you are given accurate information when requesting a report. If a report is outdated, the information revealed can be misleading or even incorrect.

• 10 Billion Public Records

The PublicSeek search engine sorts through over 10 billion records and databases, encompassing wide-ranging information that may have otherwise been missed.

Areas to Improve

• Misleading Trial Period

If you opt to use their trial period offer before committing to a subscription, the pricing is misleading. The site states that you can test the site for just $1. But, the trial only lasts for one day. If you do not cancel within that day, you will be automatically enrolled and charged for a full month ($26).

5. CocoFinder

CocoFinder is another quality option to perform a reverse phone lookup. Their reverse lookup tab is directly on the homepage, making everything clear and straightforward. From there, you simply enter the phone number in question and CocoFinder will search through various public records and digital footprints to provide quality results.

CocoFinder Phone Lookup Reports Include:

The person’s identity


Associated friends and relatives

Alternate phone numbers

Email address

Social media profiles

Key Features and Benefits

• Advanced Algorithm

The CocoFinder algorithm uses a large database of data-matching technology to find the phone number that you have searched for.

• Fast Servers

CocoFinder also invests in next-generation technology and quality servers to deliver users with extremely fast results when performing a reverse phone lookup, background check, or reverse email lookup.

Areas to Improve

• No Mobile App

Many of the services listed above have extended their platforms to include a mobile-friendly option. CocoFinder does not offer such a feature, making on-the-go lookups quite difficult.

6. SpyDialer

SpyDialer is a great option if you’re looking for a free phone number lookup service. The platform is compatible with mobile phone numbers, landlines, email addresses, and even unpublished numbers. Plus, it’s free to use.

SpyDialer Phone Lookup Reports Include:

Name associated with the phone number

Public photos associated with the unknown number

Key Features and Benefits

• Free Reverse Phone Lookups

The main benefit of SpyDialer is its free reverse phone lookup feature. It will provide you with similar information found on directory websites, like White Pages and Yellow Pages.

Areas to Improve

• Misleading Pricing

While the reverse phone lookup search is 100% free, a more extensive report will require payment. Their phone lookup report is quite limited and gaining more valuable information on the individual or company associated with the number will cost you.

7. InfoTracer

InfoTracer is another great resource to perform a reverse phone number lookup. The platform can also be used to run background reports, often uncovering telling criminal records and other publicly available personal information.

InfoTracer Phone Number Search Includes:

Full name


Online activity

Social media profiles

Photos associated with the number

Key Features and Benefits

• Cell Phone Location Tracker

InfoTracer can track online activity, including cell phone location. This will help discover any online activities made by the phone number’s owner, like a posted article, web accounts, web registrations, and memberships.

• Deep Web Search

InfoTracer extends their reverse phone lookup services to include the deep web. This can uncover hidden social media accounts, connections to recurring scams, and other hard-to-find content.

Areas to Improve

• Unclear Pricing

This reverse phone lookup service is unclear on its pricing, as is the case with many of these platforms. They do not offer a free reverse phone number search; a subscription is required. Yet, the pricing to get one is not straightforward or easy to find.

8. BeenVerified

Finally, BeenVerified is another quality choice for a reverse phone lookup service. Their search engine has the power to search among billions of data points to find who is calling.

BeenVerified Reverse Phone Number Searches For:

Caller name

Address of the person


Email Address

Social media profiles

Possible relatives

Key Features and Benefits

• Extensive Search

BeenVerified searches billions of public records to find further information associated with the caller. Reports look for the first and last name of the caller, unknown aliases, other associated phone numbers, and much more. This search could then be extended to include a full background check.

Areas to Improve

• Subscription Cancellations

Canceling your subscription is overly tricky on the BeenVerified site. In fact, you can’t even cancel on their website in general. You have to call their customer service line to cancel.


A voicemail inbox full of multiple mystery callers can be quite aggravating, especially when most of these unsolicited calls are stemming from devious scams.

A reverse phone lookup service is a great resource to uncover who owns the number and possibly further useful information on the scammer.

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