Do Truthfinder Background Checks Really Work? Learn All about it in Our Truthfinder Review

Wouldn’t it be nice to know if that blind date has a criminal record before you meet for dinner? Is there anything you need to know about the new neighbors before you allow your child to go to the slumber party they’re hosting?

Finding the answers to those questions and more is what Truthfinder investigations are all about. People want to be safe and sometimes that requires a background check before you get into an uncomfortable situation with someone you don’t know.

truthfinder review

Truthfinder Review

Truthfinder, founded in 2015, is a site that promises to provide you with all types of information on someone (or yourself) at the click of a button. It includes real police records, driving citations, past address history, online profiles, and more.

But is it legit? Or is Truthfinder a scam?

In this AdvisoryHQ Truthfinder review, we’ll answer the questions: “Is Truthfinder legitimate?” and “Is Truthfinder safe to use?”. You’ll also learn whether there is a Truthfinder free trial and how much the service costs to use.

So, let’s get started taking an indepth look at Truthfinder background checks and what you need to know about them.

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What Do Truthfinder Background Checks Include?

It’s natural to wonder before you enter a name and click search, “Is Truthfinder a safe site?”. A quick answer is that they do appear to get their information from legitimate and public sources.

The Truthfinder investigation engine searches public records from multiple databases that include county, state, and federal data. Also included in the Truthfinder cost (which we’ll get into shortly) are social media profiles.

Here are types of information you’ll receive from a Truthfinder background check:

  • Addresses
  • Arrest records
  • Birth dates
  • Civil judgments
  • Criminal convictions
  • Driving offenses
  • List of nearby sex offenders
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles

Other Truthfinder Services

We found in a Truthfinder review of their services that they offer all customers free “Dark Web Monitoring” to watch for identity theft of their information, reverse phone number lookups, and property searches.

Those extra services are all included in the Truthfinder fees.

What You Can’t Use Truthfinder Investigations for:

If you want to use the Truthfinder review of background records for credit checks, you’ve gone to the wrong place. They stress that Truthfinder is not a consumer reporting agency and that it’s prohibited to use it for any purpose that’s governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

In other words, you can run a Truthfinder review of criminal records for a new guy or gal in your life or even use it to find a lost family member. But you can’t use it for screening employees, tenants, or potential scholarship recipients.

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How Much Does Truthfinder Cost?

When you first get to the site, it looks like you might get a Truthfinder free report by just entering a name in the finder. However, that’s not the case.

There is no Truthfinder free trial or Truthfinder free report. After you hit the search key, you’ll be taken to a cart to check out and pay for the service. It’s not a one-off, it’s a subscription service, and to stop it you’ll need to use a Truthfinder opt out option.

We’ll get into how to cancel Truthfinder subscriptions shortly, but first, let’s look at Truthfinder fees to use their service.

So, how much does Truthfinder cost? It’s not immediately apparent on the website unless you use the search function as mentioned. In their Help section, they note that a subscription is “less than around $30 per month” for unlimited searches.

Truthfinder Cost Options:

  • Less than $30 for a 1 month subscription
  • Less than $26/month for a 3 month subscription
  • Less than $2 for a phone number lookup only plan

Premium Report Upgrade

We found that not only do you not get a Truthfinder free trial, once you pay for the initial subscription to get your background report, there is additional information it may not include.

TruthFinder now offers Premium Reports to all background check subscribers at no additional cost (previously $17.87 per report), and those reports can include the following:

  • Additional phone numbers
  • Bankrupcy filings
  • Business associates
  • Education information
  • Foreclosures
  • Information on neighbors
  • Tax liens
  • Weapons permits

While you’re not going to find a Truthfinder free report option, they did recently launch a free People Search Directory, which is not the same as the background report. You can use it to find a person’s name, age address date of birth, and other free information.

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What Do People Say in Truthfinder Reviews?

Is Truthfinder legit? What are people saying in their Truthfinder reviews after using the service? Is there a Truthfinder scam?

We’ve taken a look over multiple Truthfinder reviews both by online review and rating sites and people that tried Truthfinder investigatons. See what they said in their Truthfinder reviews below and decide for yourself, “Is Truthfinder a safe site or not?”.

Truthfinder Review | Online Rating Sites

Here’s a look at the Truthfinder reviews and ratings from several online publications answering the question, “Is Truthfinder safe and legit?”.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) – A+ rating
  • ConsumerAffairs – 3.2 out of 5
  • Yelp – 1.0 out of 5
  • iTunes App Store – 4.7 out of 5
  • Google Play App Store – 4.6 out of 5

Negative Truthfinder Reviews

We’ve researched both positive and negative Truthfinder reviews on multiple websites to bring you a snapshot of whether people think Truth finder is legit or not.

First, we’ll take a look at reviews from people that don’t find Truthfinder legit and weren’t particularly happy with the product they got after paying the Truthfinder fees. Here are some of the things they didn’t like.

  • One Truthfinder review at the BBB said the information was not what was promised and they noticed a sharp increase in spam after signing up.
  • Another BBB Truthfinder reviewer echoed the complaint about getting spam after signing up, they also said the credit card they used was stolen (though there was no way to prove it was due to Truthfinder).
  • Another user that finds Truthfinder a scam, said the information they gave wasn’t completely accurate and they were billed more than once.
  • An iTunes app Truthfinder review mentioned that you can only view the PDF report on screen and can’t download it in the app. They also said the app offers only about 20% of the data available on the website.
  • In negative Yelp Truthfinder reviews two reviewers mentioned the issue with tons of spam being sent from multiple companies after signing up on the site. Also noted was the difficulty in the Truthfinder opt out option. 

Negative Truthfinder Reviews

Is Truthfinder Legit?

Positive Truthfinder Reviews

Not everyone has an issue with what they receive for the Truthfinder cost of a subscription. There are people that thank the service for giving them a heads up on a new boyfriend or girlfriend before they got in too deep.

Here are Truthfinder reviews from people that had a positive experience with Truthfinder investigations.

  • A reviewer at ConsumerAffairs mentioned in her Truthfinder review that she was able to use the service to find old classmates for a high school reunion and would highly recommend it.
  • A BBB Truthfinder review didn’t find the service helpful, however still gave them high marks due to the ease of how to cancel Truthfinder and their excellent customer support.
  • An iTunes Truthfinder reviewer credits the app with keeping her and her friends safe by providing background information and former domestic violence and stalking charges on one boyfriend.
  • A Truthfinder review at the Google Play store said he looked up his information and others’ and found that it was about 85% accurate.
  • A positive Yelp review about Truthfinder stated they got what they paid for. They noted an extra $2 to download a PDF of the report and that when ready for the Truthfinder opt out, the process was very easy.

Whether it’s a good or bad review, the company responds. We found them replying to just about every Truthfinder review we read on multiple websites. And when people ask how to cancel a Truthfinder subscription, they respond helpfully with the customer service contact details.

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Is there a Truthfinder UK or Truthfinder Australia Version?

If you’re looking for a background check for someone in another country or live there yourself, you might be wondering if there is a Truthfinder UK or Truthfinder Australia.

On their website the company mentions being “America’s most trusted background check service.” When searching their knowledge base for either Truthfinder Australia or Truthfinder UK, there are zero results. But, don’t let that discourage you, we kept searching.

In 2017, Truthfinder announced a free international app called Truthfinder International that is available in Australia. It provides contact information, location details, and social media profiles when you search for a person’s name, phone number, or email address.

We did not find that the service was yet available in the UK or other countries besides the US and Australia, but they’re most likely targeting international expansion for the future.

Is Truthfinder Legit? How to Cancel Truthfinder if You Want Out

If you’re wondering, “Is Truthfinder legitimate?” the answer is yes. They do provide you with background information on people you search for on their website. They also are transparent about their Truthfinder fees and policies on how to cancel Truthfinder.

Is Truthfinder safe? This depends upon whether you want to have your information shared with multiple other entities. The company’s terms and conditions do mention they share your information. Many users writing Truthfinder reviews said they started getting tons of spam after entering their email on their website.

A few reviewers of Truthfinder also mentioned getting sales calls, and for those people they would probably answer, “No” to the question, “Is Truthfinder a safe site.”

One you know how much Truthfinder costs, try it, and are ready to leave the service, you’ll be wanting to know how to cancel a Truthfinder subscription. Here’s the scoop!

is truthfinder legit

Truthfinder Investigations

How to Cancel Truthfinder Subscriptions

There are two ways to cancel your Truthfinder subscription.

  • Call their Customer Service at (800) 699-8081 (available 7 days a week 5AM-10PM pacific)
  • Cancel online through the Membership Settings

Cancellation requests are processed immediately per the company’s website. We also found in several Truthfinder reviews that even if people didn’t like the background report, they said the experience of how to cancel Truthfinder was easy and painless.

Truthfinder Opt Out for Your Information

What if you want your information removed from Truthfinder’s database? They allow you to opt out of Truthfinder by phone, through an online form, or by snail mail.

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AdvisoryHQ’s Truthfinder Review Conclusion

If you need to find a lost classmate or check up on a potential date, a Truthfinder background check might just give you the information you need. Many find the service extremely helpful when searching for information, though at varying degrees of accuracy.

Be aware that once you give them your email and phone number you will most likely be receiving lots of spam and possibly sales calls from companies they share user information with. So you may want to use an alternate email that you don’t use for your every day stuff.

This is a subscription service, not a one-time purchase of a report, so understand that you’ll need to know how to cancel a Truthfinder subscription if you don’t want to be billed monthly.

You’ll also have to pay extra to download the PDF report, rather than just read it on the screen, and if you want any more detailed information.

If you see a site offering a Truthfinder free trial, the company says to stay away. They don’t offer free reports, so don’t fall for a Truthfinder scam run by another site.

Overall in our Truthfinder review, we found that the Truthfinder is legit and provides a valuable background check service. They also have great customer support, according to many Truthfinder reviews. Just know going in how the subscription service works and their policy on sharing user information.

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